ST Math

March 15, 2022 0 By sophie

We took advantage of a free homeschooling account from ST Math for grade 3. This access has been extended through to June 2023.


This curriculum is puzzle-based. A very different approach from the Mathseeds program that we had previously been using. You guide a penguin called Jiji on a journey through various sections covering math topics. For each section, you figure out a puzzle to allow the penguin to cross from one side of the screen to the other.

I really like the puzzle approach, and it was a refreshing change for my kids initially. However it can be challenging at times to figure out the goal of particular puzzles. For some concepts my grade 3 kid flew through the puzzles. For others it was frustrating because there are no explainer videos to give him an idea of what he was trying to do. I can see it being more effective for kids that are patient about working through problems and confident they can solve them eventually.

For my K grade kid we went back to Mathseeds with the more detailed explanations that enabled him to complete more of the sections without as much help.

We’re going to complete grade 3 and then make a decision whether to continue with ST Math for next year, or to try something else as our core maths curriculum.