Once Upon a Time… Life

January 2, 2020 Off By sophie

This is the second of the Once Upon a Time series that we’re watching this year (grade 1). The first was Once Upon a Time… Man.


Once Upon a Time… Life is available on Youtube. We plan to finish this series in the second part of the year.


  1. Cell Planet
  2. Birth
  3. The Body’s Sentinels
  4. The Bone Marrow
  5. The Blood
  6. The Tiny Platelets
  7. The Heart
  8. Breathing
  9. The Brain
  10. The Neurones
  11. The Eye
  12. The Ear
  13. The Skin
  14. Mouth and Teeth
  15. The Digestion
  16. The Liver factory
  17. The Kidneys
  18. The Lymphatic System
  19. The Bones and Skeleton
  20. Muscles and Fat
  21. Toxin Wars
  22. Vaccination
  23. The Hormones
  24. The Chain of Life
  25. Repairs and changes
  26. And Life Goes On