YouTube Channels for learning French

December 17, 2019 Off By sophie

We are learning French as a second language. These resources are suitable for beginner level.


French with Mr Innes

This channel started up at beginning of the pandemic. The kids adore his lessons. Lots of fun and jokes and links to songs that foreign language learners aren’t likely to be familiar with.

Learn French for Kids Beginners


Learn French with Alexa

We really like this youtube channel. There are paid courses, but there are also plenty of free videos. My children find Alexa amusing and are interested in watching her videos. We are working through any that seem suitable for beginner children and growing vocabulary. I find the videos useful for practicing the correct pronunciation too, as French is not my native language.

French Essentials Course


French Class with Martin

We haven’t started these lessons yet, but I’ve heard that French with Martin is also a good channel.


French TV Series on Youtube

Beginner to Intermediate: 39 episodes